Signs that You Need Foundation Contractors in Valdosta

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Home Improvement

The ground is the greatest and strongest support system for your house. No matter how new or old the house is, the foundation is not completely immune from damages. Ignoring problems in your foundation could lead to bigger problems down the line. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the bigger the disaster will be. Before you contact foundation contractors, recognize the signs that your foundation is not working at its best.

Look for Cracks

Start by stepping outside and reviewing the exterior of the home. Look for cracks that have formed on the walls and near the ground. Notice where the cracks originate and where they are spreading. To monitor the growth of a crack, you may need to make several visits over time.

After you look on the exterior, step indoors to review the cracks that have formed indoors. Look for bulges that have formed on the floor and see if any have extended to the walls. Very long, deep cracks are signs that the house is moving apart.

There is an importance to reviewing the length and depth of the cracks. A collection of tiny hairline cracks is not an issue to be concerned about. If the cracks do not penetrate deep into the foundation, you should not worry about them. In fact, the appearance of small cracks on walls is common in aging homes.

Learn about Settlement and Heaving

There are different types of cracks that indicate different types of foundation problems. The appearance of vertical cracks is usually a sign of settlement. When your foundation settles, it sinks deeper into the ground and looks uneven to someone standing outside of the house.

Sinking soil is the main reason why foundations settle. The soil could shrink as a result of a reduced amount of water, which is typically caused by a lack of rain. It is possible for the biggest homes to crumble on top of dry, nutrient-depleted soil. Foundation contractors are the ones who are qualified to diagnose this problem.

Heaving occurs when the foundation moves upward instead of downward. When the soil expands, because it is oversaturated with water, this problem occurs. The home appears more imbalanced and uneven than it did before. The close proximity of tree roots that grow upward is another cause.

When you live in a home, you expect the ground to stay put underneath, but that is not the case for all homeowners. Good foundation contractors in Valdosta know that water, soil and moving earth all have effects on your foundation. You need their services if you find that these effects are disastrous and far reaching. Click here to learn more about the repair services that transform any foundation.

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