Signs That You Need Extermination For A Bed Bug In Gresham

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Pest Control

Everyone has heard of the saying, ‘Don’t let the bed bugs bite’ but the majority of people believe a bed bug in Gresham to be a myth. However, a bed bug in Gresham will exist and so will the irritation that they bring. Also known as cimex lectularius, these miniscule bugs grow in different stages and they can be difficult to detect. These parasitic insects enjoy feeding on blood and they are attracted to temperature regions. By knowing the signs that you require extermination, you can eliminate a bed bug in Gresham from your home before they multiply and grow in size.

Bed Bug In Gresham – Trails Left Behind

The bed bug in Gresham can live for as long as 18 months when they lack in food supply, proving how much these pests can linger around the home. It is common for bed bugs to be found in hotels, hostels and other areas where warm-blooded animals reside and because a lot of travelers and backpackers may pick them up along the way, these insects from the Cimicidae family will continue to breed unless extermination takes place. When in the early stages, bed bugs will be too small to notice so keep your eyes open for any trails left behind. Typically, a bed bug will leave shedding of skin, dried-up larvae, blood and stains from excrement.

Bed Bug In Gresham – Identifying Their Appearance

Some people will see a bed bug in Gresham and ignore them, thinking they are just another household insect. Despite this, when you know how to identify bed bugs by learning how they look, you can call in help the minute you notice one of these fiends crawling over your bed or furniture. An untrained eye may find it hard to detect these pests but generally, they will look like an apple seed. Their flat body makes them stand out from other insects and they move quite slowly. Instead of jumping onto a host, they will use a crawling motion and when infestations are in the early stages, you may only see one or two bed bugs.

Bed Bug In Gresham – Skin Irritation/Bites

Probably the most noticeable sign of a problem with a bed bug in Gresham would be skin irritation. If you have recently noticed bites on your feet, arms, back, legs and stomach, you could be a new meal for a bed bug. Bites will be very itchy and sometimes will not arise on the skin until a week after exposure. Redness, swelling, itching, burning and periodical lesions will be a good way to recognize an issue. Because pus can form and symptoms can lead to insomnia, you need to contact help from an exterminator immediately.

A female bed bug in Gresham will lay up to five eggs each day and when these hatch; your infestation will become severe. To prevent bites and to get rid of these bugs for good, visit Website Domain.

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