Signs it’s Time to Remodel Bathroom

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Bath and Shower, Remodeling

Remodeling any space in a home can be quite rewarding. A fresh coat of paint, new fixtures and flooring – any homeowner can transform the look, feel and comfort of their home. One of the most popular rooms in the home to remodel is the bathroom. However, many homeowners wonder, how do they know it is really time for this. After all, a Remodel Bathroom project is a huge endeavor and one that can represent a significant investment. This means they want to be sure it is time and that it will be worth the money. Some signs it is time for a bathroom remodel are found here.

It is Drab or Dull

One of the most obvious signs it is time to Remodel Bathroom is if the space simply appears dull or drab. This can be the result of insufficient lighting fixtures, poor choice in paint colors and a number of other factors. If this is the only issue a person has with their bathroom new lighting fixtures and paint will likely brighten the space up. This can be done at minimal cost, which is beneficial if a homeowner has a limited budget.

Broken or Damaged Fixtures

The bathroom consists of three primary fixtures – the sink, toilet and bathtub/shower combination. If any of these fixtures are broken or not working properly, then they need to be replaced. This may be a good time to consider moving the fixtures as well since work will already be going on. Keep in mind, if fixtures are moved then plumbing and electrical contractors will have to be hired to ensure the job is done properly and that everything will work appropriately once the work is done.

American Bath Inc offers more information about when it is time to invest in a bathroom remodel. Using these tips can help any homeowner feel confident about the decision they make to renovate their space. Take some time to really look at the bathroom and pick out the specific things that need to be changed. This will help any homeowner determine, without a doubt, that a remodel is necessary.

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