Selecting A Reputable Contractor To Repair Your Foundation

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Home Improvement you find yourself with foundation problems, you need to find a foundation repair company soon. If you delay, and the issue turns out to be serious, you could cause your home expensive, if not irreparable damage. Yet, how do you locate the right company in Houston? Sure, it is easy to find companies that say they can do the work and do it cheaply. However, you need to sort out the good companies and jettison the rest.

Start with the Basics

The fastest way to find a foundation repair company is to go online and Google the term “foundation repair”. This will provide you with a lengthy list. You can then extend the search terms to narrow it down to those who are within your area. Once you have a list, you will need three names, and then you have to start the serious research.

Checking Out the Foundation Repair Company

With the list in hand, you now need to find out more. Your first step is to go to the actual online web site of each foundation repair company. Check out what the company says about itself; make a list of services; note any testimonials and check out what credentials they have listed. You will then take this information and verify it. This includes:

* Checking the online reviews of the company. With the internet everyone gets a chance to say what they feel about the performance of a company. If there are one or two bad reviews, don’t be concerned. It is only if the bad reviews are not only scathing but outnumber the good ones that you should consider crossing that foundation repair company off your list.

* Consult family, friends and co-workers who have had foundation work done. They may have something to say or heard something concerning the companies you have listed.

* Phone the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Houston that covers your region. They will have notes of any serious complaints and can indicate whether the complaints went further.

* Talk to those who provided testimonials. If the company will not give you names and addresses, ask them to send you an email or phone you. There should be no objection to this. If there is, you can begin to wonder if the company is hiding something.

* Check their credentials including licenses with state and municipal authorities or the associations that provided them. Check their insurance, especially on the workers. You have to know they are up-to-date and valid.

What Does the Foundation Repair Company Say?

When you have narrowed down your choice further, it is now time to talk to the Senior Inspector agents of the company. Foundation repair is a serious business. It, therefore, requires that the company is accredited, experienced and licensed in the Houston area. You need to talk to them about the following before you decide which foundation repair company to go with.

* Warranty: A company should be able to offer you a solid warranty and explain the details so you can understand them. You need to know what they cover, what conditions apply, and for how long.

* Experience: You need to have them tell you how much experience the foundation repair company has as a whole, and how much each technician or employee has.

* Longevity: Has the company been in existence for a 20 years or more? The longer it has been in operation, the more likely the company is experienced, steady and reliable.

* Methods: There are many different ways to repair a foundation. You should educate yourself on the pros and cons of all your options. The company you hire should be skilled in working in this method.

* Insurance: Does the company cover its employees with workman’s compensation? Do they have liability insurance?

* Equipment: Do they own or rent their equipment. Renting shows less commitment to their profession than does owning. Same for business location. Companies renting mini-warehouses may disappear overnight.

* Employees: Do they work specifically for the foundation repair company, or are they contract workers?

Once you have received the answers to the above questions and are assured they can perform the job to the right specifications, feel free to hire them. Make sure, however, you know the exact costs involved. If the foundation repair company in Houston is vague, they may not be the right fit for you and your foundation work. Move on then to your second preferred choice or start from scratch.

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