Retractable Window Screens Help to Create a Cool “Room” Outside

by | Aug 16, 2014 | Home Improvement

Being outside can be a pleasant way to take in fresh air and enjoy the soothing effects of being in nature, but intense sun and insects can quickly steal your comfort. This is why Retractable Window Screens have become so popular in the past several years. These screens help to provide a nice and cool room, basically expanding your outside living space in a cost-effective way.

Benefits of Window Screens
Retractable window screens are versatile in that they can be retracted to allow sunshine to bathe you in the fall but also extended to shield you from uncomfortable sun during the summer months. In fact, the screens can block 90 percent of harmful rays from the sun. Exposing the skin to excessive amounts of UV radiation from the sun may increase the chances of developing cancer of the skin. It can also expedite the effects of aging on the skin.

Additional Benefits
A couple of other benefits of these screens are that they consistently provide an almost fully non-glare visibility, and they can even offer protection from pesky insects. This is perfect for spending a summer evening outside with family or entertaining guests. You can easily mount these exterior window screens outside any structure. The screens furthermore help to reduce your home’s cooling costs in addition to protecting your house’s furnishings from the sun. You additionally can enjoy the privacy that these screens afford while maintaining lovely views from your house.

One of the most attractive window screen options are heavy-duty vertical drop screens that basically enable you to add “sunglasses” to your space. These screens come in many fabric densities and colors so that you can choose the best one for improving your “outdoor room.” You can also choose either a manual option or a convenient motorized option, which allows you to retract the screen with a simple touch of a button. Reputable companies offer warranties on the frame that will last for several years as well. With today’s retractable window screens, you can actually control the sun outside near your home while adding a beautiful touch to your outdoor relaxation area.

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