Repairing A Hole in A Wooden Garage Door and Projects That Are Completed by A Garage Door Repair Service in Bradenton, FL.

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Garage Doors

If a hole has formed in the surface of a garage door that is made from wood, moisture may penetrate and make the damaged section larger. Some basic steps can be completed to improve the appearance of a door so that damage is no longer noticeable. The following steps will teach an individual how to make the repair.


• Water hose
• Long-handled scrub brush
• Wood cleaner
• Plastic sheeting
• Power sander
• Sandpaper
• Tack cloth
• Tube of wood putty
• Caulk gun
• Putty knife
• Spray primer
• Spray paint

Clean and Sand the Door’s Surface

Rinsing the garage door’s surface with a strong stream of water will eliminate any loose pieces of wood or dirt. Afterwards, wood cleaner needs to be applied to stubborn stains. A long-handled scrub brush will help loosen the stained areas. Soapy residue will be eliminated with more water. If there are any rough edges next to the hole, they can be eliminated by moving a power sander over them several times. Once the wood has a smooth surface, any dust that remains needs to be eliminated with a tack cloth or water hose.

Fill the Hole and Paint the Door

If a piece of plastic sheeting is laid out in front of the door, the ground will be protected during the next steps. Wood filler can be applied to the hole with a caulk gun. A putty knife will smooth out the repaired section’s surface so that is even with the wood that surrounds it. If the door was previously painted, a coat of spray primer needs to be added to the repaired area. Once the primer dries, a coat of paint that is applied over it will provide the door with a uniform appearance.

If the door becomes severely damaged and requires professional assistance, a garage door repair service in Bradenton, FL. can be hired to assist. Repairs are made in a timely manner and for a fair price. More information about services that are available can be found by calling Discount Garage Doors Inc. or a similar company that provides a garage door repair service in Bradenton, FL.

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