Portable Shower Trailers Are More Necessary Than Ever

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Home Improvement

When businesses and communities run through their checklists of things to know for disaster preparedness, having contact information for a mobile shower trailer or restroom trailer company is not normally on their list. And yet, when a major disaster does hit a community or a business, there’s nothing better than being able to contact a company who is able to provide immediate access to critical facilities that have been lost and need to be rebuilt or repaired. Emergency disaster relief is one of the primary functions of the portable shower trailers industry, so businesses may want to see a company who can say, “We Have a Massive Selection of Used and New Mobile Restroom Trailers and Shower Trailers” when they look for help with their emergency preparedness needs.

What types of trailers are available for emergency preparedness? There are many different types of portable shower trailers out there, and many can be customized for the needs of the business or individual placing the order. Generally speaking, there are shower trailers with showers that can accommodate anywhere from two to twenty people. There are combo trailers that can also include restrooms, sinks, benches, closets, laundry facilities or other types of amenities. There are also varying types of decontamination shower trailers that are specialized to the needs of the consumer. These are quite specialized, of course.  All shower trailers can be made ADA compliant.

Naturally, emergency preparedness is not the only reason for commercial portable shower trailers, although it may be the most common reason. That’s why one company, Montondo Trailers, for example, says “Call us and we’ll help you find the perfect trailer for your needs.” There are many different reasons why businesses and individuals may need a portable trailer. Another common reason is that there may be job sites involving hazardous materials, such as mining sites or simply sites such as construction sites where it’s desirable for employees to be able to shower before leaving. These types of workplaces benefit greatly from having access to portable showers. The privacy afforded by the showers allows for employees to be able to care for their hygiene and if employers do not want employees to take work clothing home, it can be left at the door. If the portable unit purchased or rented has laundry facilities attached, the clothing can be washed right there.

The uses for these trailers are endless for businesses and should be a part of disaster planning for all businesses and communities.

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