Pool Remodeling Ideas

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Who wouldn’t want a nice new or remodeled pool in their backyard? There are so many ideas and decisions to make when it comes to swimming pool remodeling. Of course, you won’t want to break the bank so keeping that in mind here are some ideas to consider:

Equipment that is energy efficient:

If you are going to update your pool, you want to do it practically. There are many features available that will make the operation of your swimming pool less expensive. A variable speed pump is something to consider. It may qualify for a rebate, depending on where you live, and will use less electricity. You can also use solar-powered lights or heaters, etc. and filters that are energy efficient.

Instead of the norm, switch to salt water:

Salt water pools are a growing trend. Instead of chlorine, salt is used. These pools are cheaper to maintain, which makes them cost effective. You won’t have to handle or purchase chlorine and most report that salt water swimming pools are much gentler on the eyes and skin.

Add LED lights for more color:

Again, these lights are much more energy efficient. They can be installed anywhere near or in the pool. You can easily add your own touch and style with colored lights and they are much more pleasing then the standard basic pool lights.

Think about adding sprayers or a waterfall feature:

For a reasonable price you can add a lot of character to your backyard oasis with a waterfall. Keep in mind, however, there will be extra costs associated with these water features.

Though it is not cheap, you should consider resurfacing your pool:

It will improve the look of your pool and is practical to do. An update from plaster can give your pool a new, fresh, modern look. There are different finishes to choose from, that come in different colors. You can also add shells, stone and many other materials.

You are only limited to your imagination and budget! If you decide that it is time for swimming pool remodeling make sure to hire the right company.

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