Polished Travertine: A Unique Look

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Travertine can be polished, tumbled, honed or brushed in order to alter its texture. Polished travertine often is the ideal choice, if you are looking for a modern high end “shine”, traditionally associated with Marbles, with the diversity in color ranges that can only be found in Travertines. Polished travertine is offered here at Travertine Locator, and it can give any surface of your home or commercial property an exquisite modern look.

What Is Polished Travertine?

When it comes to the vast Color tones of Natural Stones in general, Travertine certainly reigns supreme. The most common finishes for Travertines offered in the U.S. are Honed, Tumbled, and Brushed, however Polished Travertine is fast becoming the most desired finish among Top Designers, Architects, and Homeowners alike. The reason for the lack of availability of Polished Travertine is that the polishing process can only be achieved properly when the Travertine is of the highest quality. The Polishing process begins the same as the honing process, however then continues multiple stages to create the polished finish. At Travertine Locator, our polished travertine has a much smoother texture and either a semi-gloss or glossy finish. If the Travertine is not premium quality or the compromised in anyway this process will damage the stone irreparably.

Polished Travertine at Travertine Locator

At Travertine locator we offer “true” premium quality Travertine selections, so the ability to create the polished finish is not an issue. We currently offer multiple selections in the polished finish as well as the ability to order any of our Travertine Tiles in the polished finish that we do not currently stock.

At Travertine Locator our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of travertine tile and marble tile, and we strive to do so whilst still offering some of the most competitive prices on the market. All of our products are thoroughly inspected before they are shipped out to you, the consumer.

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