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One might associate a set of French doors as something that would look aesthetically pleasing on the exterior of the back of one’s home, rather than inside. However, it is not uncommon nowadays for homeowners to choose interior French doors as an attractive partition between a living room and a dining room. In the UK, Victorian built homes commonly have two separate rooms off the hallway, one leading to the living room and one to the dining room. Instead of a wall between the two rooms, many homeowners install French style wooden doors that close against one another to create an opening that can be used when there are too many guests to fit in just one room.

In the United States, large homes often have interior French doors between two rooms and this can add dimension to the already attractive interior design. There is truly something magnificent about holding both door handles in your hands, opening them and revealing the room behind the room as you step through.

Where to Place your Interior French Doors

You probably want to think about where your French door should go before you buy them. If, for example, you have knocked down an interior wall between two rooms so you can add doors, that would likely be the perfect place. If you plan to link a sitting room with a dining room, that would work exceptionally well too.  You may also prefer the idea of having your French doors open between your kitchen and your dining room, if that is applicable to your home.

With new home design, you get to choose the exact location of each of your rooms and if you plan to install French doors somewhere in your home, you can plan it right from the start. The blueprints will be the starting point as the layout of the home and once you decide which rooms will benefit best from the French doors you can then decide on the style according to the interior décor that you plan to have. Because of the huge choice of styles, prices and materials when it comes to French doors, you will probably find it a little confusing at first. The trick is to choose the style first and then find the doors that fit the style.


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