Non-Electric Industrial Floor Sweepers Are Efficient Alternatives

by | May 10, 2012 | Flooring

Pastor Dave Armstrong doesn’t mind helping clean up after church services after nearly all 800 congregants have gone home on Sunday afternoon. “I break out my industrial floor sweeper and have the carpet spotless pretty quickly,” he says. “And believe me, that carpet can take a real beating after any normal weekend.”

Using a non-electric industrial floor sweeper in settings where it is better to maintain a professional and quiet atmosphere is a great alternative to loud, noisy vacuum cleaners, and often more efficient, as well. An industrial floor sweeper not only runs quietly, but is often the primary choice in hospitals, casinos, airports, entertainment centers, schools, theaters, hotels, retail stores, and numerous other settings.

I like using a floor sweeper because it is so handy,” say Armstrong. “It’s sort of like a broom, but takes less effort and is easier to maneuver. Plus, it picks up more than a broom does. So I guess you could say it is like having a broom with the power of an expensive vacuum cleaner. It’s just a really handy, simple but powerful tool to have at my disposal.”

One of the factors that make a non-electric industrial floor sweeper the best choice is its versatility, the ability to use the sweeper not only on every kind of carpet you can imagine but also on a variety of other kinds of surfaces. An industrial floor sweeper can be used on concrete, AstroTurf, hardwood floors, tiles, and brick – just to name a few of the possible floor surfaces. Unlike many vacuum cleaners, it can easily pick up popcorn and popcorn kernels, grass, hair, crumbs, coins, cigarettes, and a vast array of other small items that seem to be attracted to floor surfaces, as well as dust and dirt that inevitably gets tracked in to any inside location.

Pastor Dave has more than one industrial floor sweeper that he uses on location, he says. “We use them in the lobby as well as in the chapel. Someone discovered it can be used on concrete and in the parking lot and around the smoking area, and it is far easier to use there than a broom or blower.”

Many of the better sweepers come with durable constructions, protective rubber bumpers, edge brushes, as well as blades, and wide cleaning paths. “Our sweepers were especially useful after a recent wedding and reception,” says Pastor Dave. “Not only did we pick up all the crumbs and cake within minutes, but also the confetti, flower petals, and a whole lot of other items, as well.”

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