Needing Help With Animal Control In West Palm Beach

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Pest Control

Homeowners with wildlife problems need help from a animal control company. Animals can do lots of property damage. Unfortunately, the insurance company may not pay for the damages. Call the animal control company quickly and let them get to work. They come prepared with traps and other non-lethal methods to lure the animals away from your home permanently. Interestingly, raccoons make up a big percentage of animal control work. They adapt quickly to new areas and eat just about anything.

Raccoons are nocturnal so people may not know they have a problem. However, climb into the attic and the signs are there. The animals rip apart ducts and rip insulation off the wall. If that’s not enough, they chew on wires and carry insulation and other materials to areas where it does not belong. They can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. To make matters worse, raccoon droppings are considered a biohazard. Homeowners with a squirrel problem need Animal Control in West Palm Beach. Squirrels have sharp teeth and can chew through anything except metal. Squirrels have long front teeth that grow throughout their lives. They chew things to keep their teeth at a reasonable length. If they cannot find nuts or trees, they will chew on houses, patio furniture, yard lights and non-metal car parts.

Animal Control in West Palm Beach is the answer if you have a pigeon problem. The pesky birds are annoying and seem to be everywhere. Unfortunately, pigeons carry many diseases and they shouldn’t be on your property. To get rid of pigeons, people have to stop feeding them. Feeding them only leads to more birds flocking to a home. A lot of people foolishly try gimmicks like plastic owls or predator bird noise machines. One of the best ways to get rid of pigeons is to trap them. The traps consist of a cage that has a trigger on the inside. The door closes tightly once a pigeon activates the latch. Animal control experts drive the pigeons far away to make sure their homing instinct doesn’t bring them back. Don’t try to stop a critter invasion yourself, call the animal control experts today. For more information visit website

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