Need Squirrel Removal? How to Identify the Critters and the Damage They Cause in Fort Worth TX

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Pest Control

Squirrels are among nature’s cutest critters, but they can do property damage that’s not so cute. There are many species of squirrels that can cause all sorts of trouble for the homeowner. How do you identify the most common types of squirrels, and what sorts of damage do they cause?

A gray squirrel is what most people would picture when they hear the word, “squirrel”. A fox squirrel looks similar to a gray squirrel, but with more reddish fur on its belly. Both of these common tree squirrels often cause trouble in the winter by making nests in warm, cozy attics. This causes big problems that can only be solved by Professional Squirrel Removal Fort Worth TX. Not only do squirrels nest in and destroy insulation, but they also chew wiring. Additionally, squirrels leave droppings all over the storage area and contents.

Flying squirrels are small and gray with large eyes. They can cause the same types of damage as gray squirrels and fox squirrels. Flying squirrels that have nested in an attic can also attract insects such as fleas and ticks. These stealthy, nocturnal animals have been known to make meals of bird eggs and fledglings.

Pine tree squirrels, or red squirrels, are often reddish all over. They can destroy up to 80% of pine cones, making it difficult for the trees to reseed. Red squirrels damage trees in orchards by chewing bark, blossoms, and fruit. They chew residential trees and shrubs, and deface lawns when digging for nuts. Red squirrels steal food from bird feeders, and have chewed through bird houses to get to baby birds. If red squirrels are causing any such trouble on your property, it’s time to look for squirrel removal Fort Worth TX.

Ground squirrels are often mistaken for chipmunks. As their name suggests, they burrow in the ground instead of nesting in trees. Their burrowing can damage irrigation or sprinkler systems. Ground squirrels may also burrow in gardens, eating the seeds and sprouts along the way.

A professional wildlife control firm such as Critter Control of Greater Ft. Worth should confirm the identity of any squirrel species that are damaging your property. There are many humane methods they can use to get rid of squirrels. In many cases, habitat alteration or trapping and relocation can remove squirrels from your property safely and effectively.

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