Learn About How Hesperia CA’s Best Heating Systems Will Save You Money

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Utility bills take an ever-increasing chunk out of all of our budgets. Periodically we hear about our local utility attempting (and usually succeeding) in raising rates. In the average home, about 44% of the utility bill pays for heating and cooling the home.

We have all seen the ‘Energy Star’ designation on various products and probably own more than one appliance with this designation.

What Does ‘Energy Star’ Signify?

It started in 1992 when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began a voluntary program that would allow manufacturers to put this designation on energy-efficient products. The first such products were computers and monitors. This program quickly expanded to include residential cooling and heating equipment. There are now a great many products carrying the ‘Energy Star’ label, making shopping for energy-efficient products easier than ever.

Maintenance and Upgrades Save Money

Any system will run more efficiently if it is properly maintained. Having the unit serviced at least once a year is recommended. Using the most energy-efficient unit available is only part of the solution, although it is a major component. The unit should be the proper size for the building. If the unit is too small or large, it will be forced to over-work trying to maintain the required thermostat setting. If the unit is too large, it will heat or cool the home quickly. However, the occupants may not feel comfortable because the thermostat will register that the required temperature has been reached before the system has removed sufficient moisture from the air in the cooling cycle. Learn more about Hesperia CA’s Best Heating Systems and which would be right for you.

Tips for Staying Comfortable and Saving Money

•   Don’t set the thermostat higher than necessary for comfort. Understand the thermostat settings and don’t let anyone ‘play’ with the settings.

•   Important – replace furnace filters monthly.

•   Make sure registers and vents are not obstructed by furniture or drapes.

•   Fans can be a big help, but turn them off when not needed.

•   Let the sun help. Keep drapes open during the day, closed at night. Insulated drapes may be a worthwhile expenditure.

Burgeson’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been reliably serving their customers since 1949. These suppliers of Hesperia CA’s Best Heating Systems really understand that customer service is the core of their business. Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer.

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