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The honey bee is a vital part of the environment. As valuable as honey bees are, they can still turn into pests. This occurs when they choose a place near the home to build their nests. Once they have started establishing honeycomb, the bees become very defensive. Since sprays can’t penetrate deeply into the hive to kill the queen, a removal service is needed to get rid of them. These are some of the items to discuss with the company about the removal of the hive.

One the items to discuss with the Pest Control Companies in Sacramento is gaining access to the hive. Bees only need a tiny entrance to the hive. Because much of the hive is built inside the walls, gaining access may require removal of the exterior of the structure to reach the place where the queen is residing. Depending on the amount of time the hive has been there, a large part of the exterior may have to be removed.

Another item to ask about is rehoming the bees. If the bees are determined to be of the European variety, it may be possible to relocate the majority of the hive. This will depend greatly on the temperament of the hive. Sometimes, a local beekeeper will be called in to help provide a new home. This judgment should be made by the bee removal company. If the hive is aggressive, it will have to be destroyed for safety reasons.

Restoration of the structure is another item to discuss with the Pest Control Companies in Sacramento . All of the honeycombs has to be removed to prevent the bees from coming back to the same spot. Because significant deconstruction has been done, and most of the materials exposed to honey can’t be reused, a restoration plan is needed.

Bee removal is a difficult task. Bees are inherently defensive of their hive and can squeeze into some very tight spaces. Because of the limited access and their protective nature, bee removal should only be attempted by the professionals.

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