Is Chemical Pest Control in Madison Better than Biological Pest Control?

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Pest Control

When most people detect an infestation in their home, whether it is an infestation of bed bugs, cockroaches, vermin or bats, they will immediately think that their personal hygiene and cleaning regime has led to the problem. Despite this, even the cleanest homes may need pest control in Madison. With pest control in Madison the risks of health problems can be reduced and infestations can be controlled with ease. Holes in the roof act as a doorway for all kinds of wildlife to enter your home and other pests can get comfortable in your home as a result of clinging on to clothing or entering through cracks in the door or window. To manage this problem effectively, you should choose between chemical and biological pest control in Madison.

The Benefits of Chemical Pest Control

The most common type of pest control in Madison will be chemical pest control. Chemicals are normally applied to crops in farmer’s fields and once the chemical covers the crops, insects will not be able to feed on the fruits and vegetables growing there. As well as this, chemicals are used for bed bug removal, earwig infestations and pretty much any other type of infestation. When pests come into contact with toxicants they will immediately die and the chances of reproduction will be minimal. Growth will be disrupted and because the chemicals work so quickly, it is a popular option for homeowners.

The Benefits of Biological Pest Control

Another way to banish infestations is with biological pest control in Madison. This is not as commonly used, because it involves the use of pathogens, predators and parasites to kill the pest causing the problem. When biological control agents are let loose in infected areas, they will immediately get to work. Biological pest control is more commonly used for farmers’ fields rather than for interior infestations.

Things to Consider

When you decide which type of pest control in Madison you want to go for, you need to consider some things such as the company you will be working with and how often you will be getting pest control completed. Monthly pest control is advisable for large businesses, hotels and food establishments, like restaurants. Seasonal pest control would be best if you notice increased levels of infestation during certain months and quarterly pest control is a good choice for residential properties. Be sure to speak with a professional for advice before you make a final decision.

Most insurers will not provide coverage for damages as a result of wildlife or insect infestations. This is why you need to save yourself money, time and hassle by contacting a company that provides pest control in Madison. Remember that you need to take action after getting pest control too, such as by sealing entry points and completing all roof repairs.

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