How to Protect Your Newly Installed Roof From Damages in Palatine

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You have recently replaced your roof, and cannot be more thankful to get this home maintenance chore out of the way. However, you have been hearing on the news that a severe storm is on its way, leaving you increasingly concerned that your new roof will once again be in the path of the weather’s fury. What can you do to add a layer of protection to completely prevent or reduce damages to the roof?

Protecting Your Roof

When you think about protecting the roof’s shingles, the first thought that may come to mind is to use an ice and water shield or use the peel and stick method of adding a layer of protection. While this can help reduce damages, that would involve ripping off your new shingles to install it, as it should be installed before other underlayments. So, what are your other options? You can apply a sealant coating compound as a long-lasting solution.

Prevent Weather-Related Damages

Palatine is a well-known brand that manufactures this type of sealant compound and has been the got-to solution used by DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. It is a type of compound that can contribute to the longevity of the roof while minimizing frequent repairs, helping you lower costs. It can be applied to many types of roofing materials, making it an all-in-one solution.

Committed to Client Satisfaction

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