How to Prepare Your Home for Painting

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Home Improvement

Are you preparing your Texas home for an upcoming paint job? Follow the advice of professional interior painters in Fort Worth, and us the time between now and painting day to get your home and family ready for a fresh new look.

Talk to a Professional First

Concerned that your home may have unique issues that will require special or additional preparation or treatment before painting? Ask an area professional for advice and evaluation. Alliance Painting of Fort Worth is a painting company that offers consultations and estimates for local customers so they can be sure of the preparations they’ll need to make to get their home ready for painting.

Preparing Your Interior

After speaking to interior painters in Fort Worth to find out exactly what unique steps your home may require to prepare for painting, it’s time to take these basic precautions to make sure your home is ready to receive its facelift:

  *     Clean all surfaces well, removing dirt, grease, dust and another buildup

  *     Remove all furniture from the room being painted, or at least pull heavy pieces away from the wall with enough space for painters and equipment to fit.

  *     Inform all family members of what’s taking place, and be sure to keep children and pets away from areas being painted.

Everything else – such as laying down drop cloths and applying painter’s tape – will be handled by your painting contractors.

Getting Your Exterior Ready for a Renovation

Many of the steps for preparing your home’s outer walls for exterior painting are similar to those used indoors. Typically, you’ll see much more dirt, grease, and residue outside, and this will require more intensive cleaning. Drop cloths and tape will still be used, but there is less concern about drips and excess paint outdoors. The primary concern is keeping animals and children away from areas being painted, both before and during the paint job. In doing so, you’ll prevent damage to the finished paint and injury or illness to your kids and pets.

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