How to Incorporate the Magic of Lighthouses into Your Home Decor

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Furniture

Lighthouses once brought ships safely to shore, which has made them into a symbol of light, safety and home. Decorating with lighthouses creates a cozy atmosphere and reminds your family that home is always near. Whether you have a beach house or only dream of the ocean, try these three ways to incorporate the magic of lighthouses into your home decor.

Miniature Lighthouses

Placing a few miniature lighthouses around your home is one of the easiest ways to add lighthouse decor to your interior design. Choose ceramic, stone or carved wooden lighthouse miniatures, and place them on bookshelves, tabletops or above the fireplace mantle.

Lighthouse Paintings

Every wall needs a beautiful piece of art, and oil paintings of lighthouses are particularly striking with their rays of light that seem to jump right off the canvas. Lighthouse paintings look great over the sofa, in the dining room or above the bed.

Votives and Vases

Votive candle holders are another popular type of lighthouse decor. Light the candle and enjoy the beauty of a lighthouse’s beams stretching out to welcome ships ashore. Another popular option is a lighthouse vase filled with colorful seashells and fresh wildflowers.

Are you looking for a handcrafted wooden or stone lighthouse to bring the beauty of the ocean to your home? An Amish family business, Beaver Dam Woodworks has been creating handcrafted lighthouses, windmills and other decor since 1998. Browse their line of products on their website.

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