How To Find An AC Repair Company That You Can Trust

by | Jan 17, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

How easy is it to find an AC repair company in Dallas, TX? There are many repair services listed in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Choosing the right one to get the AC back on can be easier than you think. Here is what to look for when you need to find one.

Before hiring a company, contact the BBB and see how the company is rated. Is it A+, and are there any unresolved complaints against it? These are important points because once in a while even an unscrupulous company looks good up front. Even good companies can have complaints lodged against them. It is how they deal with the complaint that will tell you what kind of business it is.

Ask about how long they have been in business and how experienced the technicians will be. Make sure the company you deal with has all the insurance it needs to work on your home. What kind of references can they provide? Do their other customers give them referrals? These are important points to follow up on.

Type of Work they do

Finding out the different kinds of work the company does is also important and can save time and money. Most AC repair companies in Dallas TX also do home repair and maintenance. Many offer maintenance and repair services as a package. Some even offer maintenance contracts at a discounted price for their customers, and customer referral programs.

Do they offer rebates or discounts are other points that are good to know upfront. This can tell you whether or not they will be affordable in the long run also. Some companies go further and charge by the job and not the hour. This can save you money on repair work. How much their warrantees actually cover and for how long is another important consideration when hiring someone.

If the warranties aren’t good, chances are the parts are not either. In general, most repair services are qualified to work on all makes and models of air conditioners, and heaters. Whether your model is gas, electric, or a heat pump, getting service work should not be difficult to find. Knowing that the company can handle a wide range of products also says their technicians are well trained on the different products and repair techniques available. This can be important to make easy diagnostics of problems because they can spot them easily. Well rounded experience will also ensure that your experience goes smoother with the work you are hiring them for.


Because of the costs involved in both repair and purchasing a new model, make sure the repair company will work with your budget. Many services offer a monthly installment plan and can work with you by offering easy payment schemes. Most also offer financing on new purchases to take the heat off of paying for your AC. Purchasing new equipment through the company can save money also. Many would offer special deals on different brands they carry throughout the year.

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