How to Determine the Best & Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment in Detroit, MI

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Pest Control

Most people are unfamiliar with the habits and life stages of bed bugs. These tiny insects are considered a parasite, and this is because the bugs feed off the blood of their human hosts. Learn how to accurately determine the best and most effective bed bug treatment in Detroit, MI.

Where Are Bed Bugs Usually Found in an Infested Home?

Usually, bed bugs are found near the bedroom of the person being bothered. However, they can and do move to different areas if proper care is not taken right away to rid the space of bugs. These small insects look about the size of an apple seed.

When they have fed off of their host, they will look brownish-red in color. Look for them near where the person sleeps. These parasitic pests don’t hop far like fleas, but they get transported by hitching a ride on pant legs, bedding and other materials.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Often, bed bugs are transported into a home via infested used furniture or mattresses. It can take a while before the family notices that something is biting them. The insects smell an odor that humans give off when they enter the sleep stage. This explains why the bugs are more active at night.

How Long Does It Take to Rid a Home of Bed Bugs?

It can take weeks, months or longer before a home is fully cleared. Contact Pestway via online for reliable bed bug treatment for Detroit, MI, homes.

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