How to Choose the Right Bathtub

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Kitchen & Bath

A shower is the quickest solution when you are away from home to get clean. However, when you have got a little more time, the tub could be a relaxing option. Tubs tend to be more than the usual spot to wash they are a really private experience, a meditative reprieve as well as a soothing benefit. Tub makers have created many different contours, characteristics and fashions to fit any taste and budget and comprehend this appeal.

Different Types of Bathtubs

Tubs have many styles and personalities. Claw foot and freestanding bathtubs will boldly occupy a preferred place in the toilet. Drop -in and corner baths regularly are nestled against walls and incorporated to the general scheme.

3-wall alcove bath-shower combinations will be the most typical bath kind and were created to increase space. The ends that are bare normally get sandwiched between an outdoor wall as well as a convenient built in storage cabinet.

Drop-in bathtubs will be the bath casing just. They are fitted in the framed enclosure that is finished to fit tile or bathroom cabinets. Under mounts are fall-ins destined for flooring-level setup. Freestanding baths feature a bath bowl that is sculpted on a cradle or a stable foundation. Claw foot bathtubs invoke images of soaking of a grand Elizabethan age. The trademark legs support baths which are not particularly shallow.

Bathtub Styles

Tubs are manufactured from many different materials, and most are obtainable in all fashions. Costs are all depending on the features you decide on. For example, a standard acrylic alcove bathtub go for about $700. Add lights, heated bubbles and digital controls into a drop-in acrylic unit and the price gets upwards of $18,000. Walk-in bathtubs typically cost a little bit more.

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