How The Process Of Dry Carpet Cleaning In Albuquerque NM Works

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpeting helps make a home extremely comfortable by providing a warm and soft surface for walking on, and while they are designed to last for years, they must be properly cleaned to keep them looking great. While traditional carpet cleaning that involves the use of water and chemicals that are extracted is a viable option, more homeowners are opting to use a dry cleaning method. Here is a quick look at what Dry Carpet Cleaning in Albuquerque NM entails.

Stain Pre-Treat

The first step of dry cleaning a carpet is to treat any stains that may be present with a pre-treating chemical that is designed to dissolve the enzymes. Most customers are leery because the application of the powered pre-treating product will not lighten stains right away. It can take several minutes for the compound to begin alleviating the stain, with the full stain removing power not being complete until the job is finished.

Rotating Brush Scrubbing

Once the stains have been treated, the technicians will then apply a powdered cleaning agent over the carpet making sure to focus on higher traffic areas. Once it is applied, the next step is to scrub the carpet using a commercial rotating scrubber. As the scrubber rotates over the carpet, it causes the power to be distributed throughout the fibers, which activates the odor and stain fighting agents.


Once the carpets have been treated, the team will use a dry extraction process to remove any debris from the fibers of the carpet. It can take several times to remove all of the product, but when the team has completed Dry Carpet Cleaning in Albuquerque NM, they will be dry and ready for traffic. The extraction process is often the most time-consuming but helps to remove stains or other debris that was released by the cleaning agent.

Traditional carpet cleaning can take hours or days to dry and can leave a house with a musty odor in the process. Avoid these issues by contacting the carpet cleaning experts at Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Vist to find out more about the benefits of dry carpet cleaning, and take the first step in keeping the carpets in a home looking great.

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