How Does Your Government Approach Mosquito Control?

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Regardless of whether your state is prone to mosquitoes visiting during the year, the government will have already applied specific rules and regulations that oversee how mosquitoes are to be effectively eliminated. In addition, your county and city council have rules in place that apply specifically to your area for Mosquito Control In Palmetto, GA.

Why Worry About Mosquitoes?

Around 80 species of mosquitoes have been identified throughout Georgia, with 33 species that are a danger to both humans and animals. 13 species can transmit disease via pathogens. The potential illnesses can be anywhere from extremely mild to severe. People or animals infected by mosquito bites may develop diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, which are both extremely rare in this state. Nevertheless, illnesses that make you very tired and unwell, sometimes for months, include dengue fever, chikungunya, and more recently, the Zika virus.

For Mosquito Control In Palmetto, GA, state government and city council issued information suggesting to carefully inspect your property regularly to ensure there is no standing water, as this is the most common breeding ground for mosquitoes. In addition, covering your skin during mosquito biting hours and using repellent will protect you even further. It is also suggested that doors and windows are covered by screens where the mesh is so fine that mosquitoes cannot pass through.

What Does Government Do?

The government surveys your area and carries out physical controls. They control mosquitoes through chemical and biological control methods too. In some zones, they may fog an area with a chemical blend that is supposed to be safe for humans but eliminate any mosquitoes and their breeding areas.

It is better to think more about the environment and safer ways to eliminate mosquitoes; therefore, it is important to ask your local Mosquito Control In Palmetto, GA for a plan that provides regular maintenance and services for your property and yard. You can ask them to provide safe chemical options as well as non-chemical ones to effectively rid of any mosquitoes in and around your home.

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