Heat Your Home for Less with Heat Pumps Temple Hills

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Of all the heating solutions on offer, the most overlooked is also the most energy efficient. A heat pump is between 300% and 400%, against 70%-80% for traditional heating boilers. Using a heat pump in Temple Hills can save you thousands of dollars in fuel costs and pay for itself in the first couple of years of use.

If you combine your heat pumps in Temple Hills with a solar panel providing the power to run it, you can have a zero carbon heating solution.

You can purchase two types of heat pumps in Temple Hills, Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps. Both work by pumping heat from outside to inside your home. Ground Heat pumps only use 1kw of electricity to produce 4kw of heat; Air Heat Pumps use only 1kw of fuel to produce 3kw of heat. Traditional boilers require 5kw of fuel to produce 4kw of heat.

Ground source heat pumps in Temple Mills work by moving stored heat from under the ground into the house to provide domestic hot water and central heating. The heat is collected using coils of pipes buried under the ground. The pipes contain a mixture of water and glycol which collects the heat from the ground and transfers it to a heat exchanger. As the ground is between 10 and 13ºC warmer that the surrounding air, there is a lot of heat to be extracted from the water.

The stages of transferring the heat from the ground to your home via the Heat pump in Temple Mills are; the liquid is pumped from the underground pipes into an evaporator which contains a refrigerant that boils at -10ºC. The boiling produces a vapour which is passed to a compressor. The compressor compresses the vapour which causes its temperature to rise to between 75ºC and 125ºC. These hot gases are then passed through a heat exchanger to heat the water in central heating and domestic hot water systems. The cooled gas is then passed through an expansion chamber to reduce its temperature before it is fed back into the evaporator to complete the loop.

Air source heat pumps Temple Hills work in much the same way as a ground source heat pump. It takes heat from the surrounding air through the same process as a ground source system. These systems can work in temperatures as low as -25ºC, at which most other heating systems would stop working. Air source heat pumps are very versatile, as well as providing heat in the winter; they can also provide air cooling in the summer.

Unlike conventional boilers, heat pumps Temple Mills have an average working lifespan of about 25 years, during which time there is no loss of efficiency and during which they require no regular maintenance. Compare this to a 12 year life expectancy and annual maintenance for conventional boilers and the cost savings can be huge.


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