Granite Countertops in Minneapolis: Why You Need One for Your Home

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Home Improvement

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are not just hard surfaces that you use occasionally. Countertops are features of the home that show your individual taste and style. The more you maintain the counters, the more impressive the whole house looks to guests. To anyone who buys them, granite countertops show a high level of taste and elegance in any room. There are several features that you should consider in a purchase of granite.


Granite is made up of mostly quartz and feldspar materials that give it the unique grain. Manufacturers turn the granite into many different colors that suit the customers’ demands. The most common colors are green, black, dark gray, and red. In a typical kitchen, a granite countertop is likely to stand out more than any other feature.


Granite is known for its grain and luster. The reality is that granite is not naturally shiny, but it becomes lustrous when you apply a polish. There are different degrees of luster that vary from barely noticeable to reflecting large amounts of light. In some homes, very polished granite is the highlight of the room because it reflects so much light. In other homes, granite without the shine is still likely to attract attention with its other qualities.


Granite countertops are some of the best surfaces when it comes to cleanups. It takes a few minutes to wipe down the surface because most stains come off easily. Anything liquid like water or sauce comes off instantly. If a substance is thicker and has stayed there for a while, it may stick to the surface. All you have to do is soak the stain and wipe it off a few minutes later. Anyone can remove any stain from the surface of a granite countertop.

Also, granite does not crack or chip easily. Even if you take a knife to the surface, it is not likely to leave a dent. If you have the granite polished, it becomes even stronger and more resistant to common kitchen mishaps.

Maintenance is a simple and inexpensive task, so calling in the professionals is not necessary. If you want to renew the surface of your countertop, you have that professional option. Every few years, have a professional come in and apply a sealant over the top.

In every developed country in the world, granite is a popular material used to cover the tops of counters. Find more than a few selections of granite countertops in Minneapolis. People find the surfaces to be easy to maintain and resistant to damage caused by people or animals. The number of colors and finishes available for this material is very high. Anyone who is thinking about countertops should think about granite first.

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