Get Leaks Fixed Today With Roofing Companies in Longmont CO

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Roofing

Roofing companies has to make sure all your roofing needs are met. Not very many of us will know what´s involved in a safe and waterproof roof so don´t be afraid to ask questions to make sure you sleep well at night.

There are a few layers in roofing and if the shingles or tiles you choose get damaged rain can get through so there is a layer felt or tar paper that is laid below the shingles to help protect water getting through. Felt is generally made from recycled paper normally cardboard and is a water tight fabric. Tar paper is laid down and sealed with a tar adhesive that is kept together with asphalt but can deteriorate faster than felt with weather. It is not used as a finishing style but can be left for a short term until you are able to finish placing your tiles. Roofing companies in Longmont CO uses this to add another layer of protection for your home.

Leaks in the roof can sometimes not be easy to find. Where the leak is coming through your ceiling does not mean that is where it is coming through in the roof. Finding the leak is an extreme urgency because it means there is a problem on the roof. It can be that one shingle is broken or missing but if not fixed it can lead to bigger problems. Companies which are in Roofing, Longmont CO expert technicians will start by finding the faulty shingle or shingles and will need to follow the flow of water to where it is actually leaking through the ceiling. On a rainy day you can pinpoint the leak by pointing some light on the area and marking it and on a nice day you can then go on the roof and have someone hit the area you marked. When the area is found it can be repaired with roofing cement or if necessary replacing the broken shingle. This is not a one man job and will require a few helping hands.

Do not think that leaving a small leak will not grow into further problems. When water leaks through it can rot the wood in the ceiling, the insulation will most likely be destroyed and will need to be replaced and you can have large problems with mold that can be very bad for your health if left. Companies of Roofing in Longmont CO will ensure the affected area is found and tracked to the area on the roof that needs to be fixed. There are other situations where there can be problems and where water can cause damage. If you have a chimney have a look at the base to make sure there are no cracks and if you have ventilation there is a possibility that the seal has been weathered away.

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