Flat Roofs in Washington IL Need Proper Maintenance

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Roofing

A commercial roofer is crucial for any business owner whose building has a flat roof. It’s more important, however, to know how to perform roof repairs and how to maintain the roof before small problems become big ones. Water and heat are at the root of most roofing problems, and flat roofs should be examined at least every six months for damage. Flat Roofs in Washington IL area with serious leaks will likely need professional replacement, but owners can delay that expense with preventive repairs.

Water Worries can Ruin a Flat Roof

The first spot a roofer will examine is the roof’s edge, along with other drain channels. Water collects at the edge of a roof before it goes down the drain, and even the smallest gap in flashing can create a leak. Flashing should be sealed tightly around the entire roof as it meets the building’s exterior walls, and around chimneys and vents.

The roofer will look for water collecting at the lowest points in Flat Roofs, and if they see blistering, water has already leaked through. The roof will eventually need fixing, and it is simpler to perform repairs before water gets into the building. In cases of severe damage, however, repairs should be done by a licensed professional.

Re-Tarring is a Better Approach than Re-Roofing

If bumps and cracks are found on Flat Roofs in Washington IL, business owners can extend the roof’s life with a two-step repair process. Most flat roofs simply need a new layer of tar, as opposed to an entirely new surface. A roofer can add reflective paint made from aluminum, which helps the roof absorb less of the sun’s heat. Occupants’ comfort levels will increase, and the roof will be less prone to cracking because it will be under less stress from heat.

Flat roofs have their advantages, but it can be difficult to prevent water damage. The best way to keep leaks from happening is with periodic maintenance and repairs. Flat roofs are exceedingly vulnerable to heat and water damage, but regular professional inspections can prevent small, inexpensive problems from becoming large, costly ones.
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