FAQs For Roofing Companies In Franklin

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Roofing

In Tennessee, roofing projects require planning and attention to detail. Property owners must make decisions about the materials they want and evaluate their budgets thoroughly. Local roofing companies in Franklin can provide answers to frequently asked questions about roofing projects.

What are Common Preparations Before a Roofing Project Starts?

All automobiles should be parked at the curb, if possible, as it reduces the potential for damage. It also gives the roofers enough space to park waste management receptacles and vehicles. Next, garages that don’t possess built-in ceilings should be covered with a tarp to prevent debris from entering the installation. All non-asphalt driveway installations are covered with plywood, and the swimming pool must be closed.

Is Leak Protection Guaranteed?

Yes, if at any time the new roofing installation leaks, the property owner should call their preferred roofer. All new roofing installations are covered under a warranty, and the protection provides repairs for new roofing installations. All repairs listed in the warranty are performed at no charge to the property owner.

Should the Homeowner Climb onto the Roof and Inspect It?

No, the homeowner can use a ladder to view the roofing and determine if there are signs of existing damage. However, it is risky for the homeowner to climb onto the roofing. If the roof is compromised, the owner is at risk if they stand on the roofing materials. The risk of personal injuries is increased if the owner takes on the task alone. Roofing contractors will generally perform roofing inspections for free.

What is the Projected Longevity of Roofing Materials?

Typically, asphalt and similar shingle roofing materials can last up to twenty years. However, the owner must schedule regular maintenance as directed by the manufacturer. Materials such as concrete and slate could last around fifty years with proper maintenance. The contractor provides details about the projected longevity for each selection.

In Tennessee, roofing projects require careful preparations and a plan for installing the right materials. Homeowners need answers about their selections and to discuss their expectations. Property owners who want to start a roofing project contact roofing companies in Franklin directly or visit us right now.

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