Eliminating Termites in DelRay Beach

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Pest Control

Termites can cause excessive structural damage to your home or business as well as causing extended damage to farmland, crops, and forests. If your property is being plagued by termites, it may be time to take effective action. A pest control company can assist you with eliminating termites DelRay Beach homes may be plagued with.

Understanding The Enemy

Understanding the enemy you are up against and how you can best fight them can aid you in your quest to permanently rid your home of termites. Termites are classified along with roaches and are actually only distantly related to ants. Termites DelRay Beach located feed on dead plant material such as twigs, branches, and wood. This natural food source is widely available especially in your own home! If you are experiencing an influx of termites, DelRay Beach companies that specialize in pest control can help you manage the infestation and eliminate this relentless enemy.

Species of Termites

There are different species of termites that may be infiltrating your property. When treating termites, DelRay Beach residents should have an idea of which type of termite they may be battling. However if this is simply too involved, the exterminator will be able to identify the species and eliminate it using the most effective methods they have available. The species that typically infect the structure of a property include:

1. Drywood Termites
2. Subterranean Termites

The termites DelRay Beach companies you are considering should be experienced in handling both types of termites effectively. This ensures that you have no unwanted recurrence and that the situation is resolved for complete peace of mind.

Choose a Licensed Contractor

When it comes to anything relating to the structure of your building, it is important to choose services from a licensed professional. If anything should go wrong, their accreditation, and insurance should help to resolve the issue without the need for legal pursuit. In addition, choosing a licensed company means you are working with a complete professional who knows the best methods for the removal of termites, DelRay Beach residents need assistance with.


By following the guidelines for selecting an exterminator as well as understanding the type of termites you are working against, you can have the best chance for success in defeating the termites DelRay Beach homes need protection against. For more information about how to protect your property from termites, visit website.

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