Effective Strategies Used by Stain Removal Services in New York City

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Home Improvement

Although carpets add a luxurious touch to any space they are laid in, they get dirty and stained quite easily and require comprehensive cleaning from time to time. However, home cleaning ruins the color, texture, and design of most carpets, and for this reason, opting for the services of a professional stain removal service in New York City is important.

Stain removal and carpet cleaning companies use several strategies to keep the original look of carpets intact. Some of these strategies are as follows:

Instant Spot Stain Removal

Spots and spills are common in carpets. In general, the damage done by the spills is reduced by prompt treatment of the affected area. The stain removal companies utilize effective cleaning solution to instantly remove stains from the carpet on the spot.

They first identify the type of stain and then use appropriate method to instantly remove stain from the carpet. An expert stain removal company knows that the stain area should not be rubbed harshly as it deteriorates the spill even more. This insures instant removal of stains from the carpet.

Stain Removal Technique Suitable for the Carpet Fiber

Stain removal company will know the type of stain removal technique suitable for the carpet fiber. Some carpet fibers are very resistant to stains such as Darlon, Dracon, and Nylon. The stain removal company will use hot water extraction and other harsh method for extracting stains from the carpets.

Stains on Meraklon carpet fibers, on the other hand, is easy to clean. Other carpet fibers from which the stain is easily removed include cotton, wool, rayon, and viscose. The stain removal service in New York City will know which techniques to use for effective removal of the stains.

Stain Removal Technique Suitable Cleaning Spills

Finally, the expert stain removal company knows which technique to use to ensure effective cleaning of spills. They use wet or dry vacuum cleaner that instantly sucks spills from the carpet. The area is then flushed and re-flushed with water to effectively remove traces of stains from the area.

Semi-solid spills like peanut butter, spreads, and other foods are gently removed using a spoon and the area is rinsed to remove stains from the carpet. Dried liquids are first broken up and then vacuumed. The process is repeated until the stain is removed from the carpet.

To sum up, professional stain removal services in New York City ensures that the carpet stain is removed completely. They can do the job in minimum amount of time with minimum risk of damage. The professional stain removal team can complete the job efficiently using effective stain removal strategies. They have the required tools and techniques to ensure instant removal of stains from the carpet.

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