Don’t Neglect A Small Crack in your Windshield

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Doors And Windows

The crack looks small. In fact, you can barely see it but you know it’s there because you saw the pebble hit your windshield and create the crack. It seems very small and there is really no reason to have it fixed immediately, right? Wrong! This type of crack can create many safety issues for you and it can grow to be a big problem. You need the help of experts in auto glass in Silver Spring, MD to fix the crack and fix it quickly.
When you have a crack in your auto glass, it usually occurs on the windshield. That is the largest piece of glass on your vehicle and also the one susceptible to the most variables. When you follow another vehicle such as a dump truck, a work truck, or even a larger vehicle that can dredge up stones, your windshield becomes the target. A small stone, piece of glass, stick, or even a bottle cap can come up and hit your windshield. The crack that results is an outward sign of the glass itself being compromised. Even though it is small, all it takes is a jolt going over a bump or even hitting another vehicle even slightly to make the crack increase. Think about the crack like you would a present that is wrapped. Sometimes it can be impossible to open if the person has taped it strongly but once you get a small opening, you can tear into the gift. The same thing is true of a car windshield. Once the crack has started, all it takes is a bump or pothole and the glass cracks even more. Auto glass in Silver Spring MD should be repaired right away to prevent further damage and to protect your safety.
If you have cracked Auto glass in Silver Spring, MD chances are you were not cut by the cracked glass nor is it lying in your car to hurt you. Yet, you take a chance every time you get into the car and drive that the glass will stay intact and not cut you. One bump and you could have glass all over the front seat of your car and harming your and any passengers you may have.

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