Different Types of Garage Door Openers

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Garage Doors

It is important to have an effective garage door and that suits the style of your home. Many types of garage doors are available in the market. It is important to know what you need before you embark on buying a garage door. One of the things that you should look at when buying a garage door is the garage door openers. The opener is responsible for how the door will open and close. It also determines the speed at which the door will open and close. This is very important, therefore checking the garage door openers Melbourne FL should be one of your priorities. The market offers a variety of openers that you can choose from. The difference in these openers is the mode of operation that affects the speed and ultimately the cost of the opener. The different types of openers that are available in the market include:

* Chain drive opener- This is the oldest garage door openers model. It works like a bicycle chain. The chain pushes a trolley that is fixed to an arm (J-arm) on the garage door. This model is very noisy and would not be suitable for a garage door that is located close to the bedroom where you need silence. The noise could be beneficial in warning you that the garage door is opening. They can also be very slow in opening and closing.

* Belt driven opener- The difference between this model of garage door openers Melbourne FL and the chain driven opener is the fact that instead of a chain pushing the trolley, the belt does it. The belts are made from fiberglass or steel-reinforced rubber. This reduces the noise considerably but will cost you slightly more to buy it.

* Screw driven opener- The trolley drives on a rod that is threaded as the motor rotates the rod. These garage door openers model is noisier than the belt driven opener. It has also developed some problems in some regions because of temperature. However, changes have been made concerning temperature sensitivity and noise. The new models are quieter and among the speediest door openers in the market.

* Powered garage door opener- These models are smaller, lighter, quieter and faster. They use electricity but require battery backups in case your power is off. The backup battery is connected to the opener so that when the power goes off the battery automatically begins working. People prefer these models because of the convenience.

Your budget plays a huge role when you are choosing these openers. Ensure that you choose an opener that fits your budget. It is important to check the cost of maintenance too, when looking at the cost of the opener. Visit the website for more information.

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