Considering Options for Roof Repair In Franklin

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Roofing

There is no doubt that delaying a roof repair in Franklin can pave the way for quite a few difficulties. The best approach is to work with a roofing contractor and have those repairs made as soon as possible. While planning for the repairs, it helps to listen to the options that the contractor suggests.

Matching Older Shingles

When there is a need to replace a section of damaged shingles, coming up with the perfect match can be a problem. This is especially true if the manufacturer of those original shingles is no longer in business. In some cases, the contractor can find a supplier who still has matching shingles in stock. When they are not available, the contractor will have some ideas on how to deal with the situation. In some cases, it is possible to find a match in terms of color. The shingles may be slightly different in terms of size, but there are ways to play down that aspect. The contractor can walk the client through that process and make it very hard to detect the difference. Once the job is done, even the homeowner may find it very hard to tell where the old shingles end and the new ones begin. Making

Changes to the Gutter System

While repairing sections of the roof, the contractor may also notice that the configuration of the gutters is not really that great. If the system setup makes it easier for water to puddle along the roof, that will increase the odds of more roof damage later on. For this reason, the contractor may recommend some changes to that system. The purpose is to extend the life of the roof for as long as possible. If the gutters are draining water away from the roof, the wear and tear on the materials is kept to a minimum.

The expense of that update will easily pay for itself by allowing the homeowner to put off the roof replacement for several more years. The bottom line is that the contractor provides more than making a simple roof repair in Franklin. That professional can also help the owner extend the life of that roof. Take the time to listen to the suggestions and implement them if possible. In the long run, the expense will easily be justified by the benefits.

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