Comparing Hardwood Flooring in Corona to Other Options

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Flooring

Despite their name, Compare Carpets and Hard Floors isn’t a comparison site. Instead, they are professional dealers and installers of both carpet and hard flooring. Even so, it can be a good idea to actually compare your options before choosing one. Here are some of the types of flooring that are popular and which areas they are usually best in:

Ceramic Tile, Vinyl Tile, and Linoleum

All of these options provide a surface that is fairly impervious to moisture, most stains, grease, and other such substances. They can also handle plenty of foot traffic even in concentrated areas. When they do get dirty, they’re easy to clean with a broom or a wet mop. This makes them great for kitchens and bathrooms. Hard flooring of this nature is especially important in kitchens because of the amount of grease, crumbs, and other ingredients that will end up on the floor even when care is taken.


Hard wood flooring Corona looks beautiful, but it isn’t durable like tile or linoleum. Instead, its good looks must be carefully preserved. Dry mopping and sweeping are used to remove dry debris, and it cannot be wet mopped. If it needs heavier cleaning than a dry mop can provide, special cleansers must be used instead. It’s also important to protect it from scratches by padding all furniture legs with felt or another non-scratch material. Even so, it is a beautiful and luxurious type of flooring. It looks especially good in large expanses, so it’s a favourite for dining rooms and meeting halls.

Laminated Flooring

Hardwood laminate is basically imitation hard wood flooring Corona. It is becoming very popular thanks to its increased durability and higher tolerance to cleansers. The realism of this type of floor varies and tends to correlate to the price of the particular panels in question.


There are many kinds of carpet, but almost all of them tend to be much softer than tile or hardwood. It is also warmer than hard floors, which makes it a favourite for bedrooms and other areas where bare feet are the norm. The main downside of carpet is that it’s hard to get stains out of it. Still, it can handle vacuuming and shampooing, so normal grime can be removed.


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