Buying the Ultimate Door for Your Wine Cellar

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Home Improvement

Wine doors can be as basic or as elaborate as you want to make them. If you want a look of sheer class in your home, then you can really go all out and get the cellar doors decorated with fancy ironwork and intricate carvings. This will be an attention grabber for sure, because the doors look absolutely amazing when they are customized with neat design work. Doors can be purchased in a wide selection of styles, designs and shapes. The options are endless, and if there does happen to be something that you want that you can’t find on the open market then you could always check with wine cellar supply companies to see if they can special order it for you. If all else fails, then you could always just have a door custom built as well.

Taking All Things into Consideration When Purchasing a Door

Different types of doors appeal to different people. Some people are happy with just a standard door that is well sealed, while others want something really elaborate that no one else has. There are many people who design odd shaped doors for their cellars, just so they can be totally unique. When you are selecting a door for your cellar, you will have to factor many different things into the equation to determine what type of door that you should have. You will need to determine whether your door will be a single or double door, and you will have to seriously consider whether you want something other than the standard rectangle shape that doors usually come in. While odd shaped doors are really classy and unique, they can be a real pain when trying to match things up to them, such as walls and cooling units.

The Key to Having Great Tasting Wine

The key to having great wine is to ensure that no warm air leaks into your wine cellar. Warm air is the enemy, when it comes to keeping wine at the right temperature. When you purchase your door, you need to ensure that it is well insulated, and that it is solid enough to thoroughly seal the wine room off on a continual basis. Climate control is critical, and you must make sure that the temperature in the wine cellar never reaches more than 55 degrees if you expect your wine to stay fabulous and fresh. Your builder should be able to guarantee that the door is installed correctly so that you don’t run the risk of any heat getting in. If they give you a hard time about that, then chances are that they did not install the door properly. Always get a warranty on the work when you have a wine cellar built.

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