Are You Bold Enough for Wild Colors on the Walls of Your House?

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Home Improvement

Accent walls are one of the hot trends in Home Painting.  Trophy Club TX homes now have individual walls in colors that, a decade ago, were only ever seen on the acrylic fingernails of fashion-forward women.  If you are thinking about hiring a Painting Company to give your home a makeover, will you go for plain white, or will your living room have an aquamarine or eggplant purple wall?

Accent Walls Are a Personal Statement

You can always repaint an accent wall, so it’s not quite as permanent as getting a tattoo, but you still have to look at it every time you go into a certain room, so you should consider the decision carefully.  Some House Painters, including Alliance Painting, have color consultants to advise you about the choice of colors for accent walls and other paints you might choose for your home.

How to Choose an Accent Wall Color

Accent walls are some of the trickiest aspects of Home Painting Trophy Club TX to get right.  Choosing a color you are sure you love is just the beginning.  (For example, if you have a young child who constantly changes his mind about preferences, he should not make the decision unilaterally.)  It is also important that the accent wall not clash with other walls or items of décor.  You probably wouldn’t want a mustard yellow accent wall in a room that has a hot pink rug.

Even when you are sure that the color matches well with the furniture in the room, visit a home or public place that has a wall that color to see how it looks in real life.  This is especially true if you are choosing a dark color for an accent wall; some people find dark colors on walls elegant, but some think they are depressing.

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