Advantages of Vinyl Siding in Colorado Springs, CO

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Windows

Vinyl siding has been around for over half a century, but it hasn’t always been the practical and high-performing option it is today. Early vinyl was made from more inferior materials, leaving it with a tendency to degrade much more quickly. Today’s technology and manufacturing techniques have ensured that this is no longer the case. Improvements are reflected in the ever-growing popularity of Vinyl Siding in Colorado Springs CO. Below are just a few advantages of vinyl over other siding materials that may help to explain this trend.

Vinyl is Versatile

Since it comes in a wide variety of textures, colors, and profiles, vinyl offers a huge number of choices. It can even be designed to quite accurately mimic the look of more traditional cedar shakes and other materials.

It’s Durable

In comparison to the vinyl siding seen in the middle of the last century when it began to be produced, today’s materials are not prone to sagging in the middle or cracking over time. They don’t rot or corrode, as vinyl is able to resist excess moisture. Of great importance for inhabitants of Colorado, vinyl siding is made to withstand everything from heavy rain to snow accumulation to hail. Many installation contractors even offer prorated lifetime warranties. It’s that good.

Easy Maintenance

Since vinyl is also made to resist pests and blight, the likelihood of it having to be replaced within the homeowner’s lifetime is very low. There’s no need for repainting as with wood. Just a simple cleaning every year or two will keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Cuts Energy Costs

Insulated vinyl siding can help to prevent heat loss in the winter through a property of air known as thermal bridging. Since it provides protection to the wall studs in exterior walls, it prevents heat from bleeding out where the studs come into contact with exterior siding. This can also help reduce cooling costs in the summer.

Great Budget Option

Best of all for most homeowners and contractors, vinyl doesn’t break the budget. Materials and installation costs are measurably lower than its alternatives. Visit Website Domain to learn more about Vinyl Siding in Colorado Springs CO or find an experienced installation contractor today.

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