A Mold Removal Company in Salinas CA: Dealing with Mold in the Home

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Pest Control

Mold is one of the most dangerous problems that can happen to any household. This is because mold spores are an allergen and can cause respiratory health complications and mold poisoning to anyone exposed to mold in the home. It is, therefore, important to make sure that your house is free of mold at all times. In case you suspect that you could be having a mold problem in the home, you should contact a mold removal company in Saliands CA for an inspection and a chat about the way forward.

What causes mold in the home?

For mold to grow in the home, the environment has to be favorable. Most of the times, the presence of moisture and some dirt is all that is needed for mold spores to start germinating. This means that areas that are prone to moisture such as the bathroom areas, laundry rooms, the kitchen, the roof and even the inside of the AC systems are the first places where mold will grow.

When the mold starts growing inside the AC system, the sp.ores will start getting distributed into the home’s air supply and this could be a very serious problem to people breathing that air. Similarly, when the mold is growing around the kitchen area, there is the possibility of the food getting contaminated and this could lead to a very serious case of mold poisoning.

Who should get a mold inspection?

It is considered wise to have a routine inspection for mold at least once every three months in order to rule out the possibility of mold presence in the home. However, you should contact mold removal expert in case:

1. Your house has suffered water damage of any kind in the recent past
2. Your roof has been leaking and the shingles or shakes are turning green
3. You have had the plumber repair leaking pipes and faucets in the recent past
4. The AC system filters and evaporator coils have not been serviced for some time

Calling a Mold Removal Company in Salinas CA will help establish whether you have mold that should be removed.

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