A Guide to Buying Frameless Shower Door Ocean City NJ

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Home Improvement

A glass shower door not only adds depth to a bathroom but also enhances the style of the design. Most people prefer doors with frameless glasses since they are always tempered and very strong, so they do not have metal frames. Whether a homeowner is planning to remodel an existing bathroom or designing a new one, it is important to way options when choosing the glass shower door. Here are the key factors to consider when purchasing a Frameless Shower Door Ocean City NJ.

Is the Bathroom Remodeled or Replaced?

When selecting a Frameless Shower Door in Ocean City NJ, the first thing to consider is the type of design done. In case the bathroom is being remodeled or newly built, there is a lot of flexibility and options for bathroom enclosure. When replacing the existing door, one would probably be restricted to choose a door with the same size and shape as the existing one. Regardless of the situation, it is necessary to choose a frameless glass door that fits well with the bathroom regarding color, design, and style.

The Type of Glass

The next thing to consider is to select the right type of glass for the bathroom. Shower doors are usually composed of tempered glasses since these are stronger compared to standard glasses. A frameless glass should have a standard thickness of 3/8 inches, but ¾ or more inches are stronger regarding thickness. Frameless glasses also have different finishing patterns including frosting for privacy, different textures, and unique patterns.

The Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

When selecting a frameless shower door, it is very crucial to know the cleaning techniques and how much this would cost. Doors with frames usually need frequent cleaning and scrubbing since they collect soap scum and residue more often compared to frameless doors. It is also easier to clean a textured glass compared to a clear one. It even gets easier when one opts for treated glasses.

There are several varieties of frameless shower doors. Thus, before going into a shop and buy one, there is a need to consider the factors as mentioned above. When indecisive, it is necessary to consult a door expert to make the best recommendations. South Jersey Glass & Door offers different types of framed glass doors that meet the needs of clients. Visit website to get more information about framed glass doors.

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