3 Common Reasons Your Dryer Isn’t Heating Properly in New Orleans?

by | May 15, 2020 | Home Improvement

An electric dryer not heating properly could mean several things are wrong with it which require dryer repair in New Orleans. Sometimes the repair is an easy fix, but more complex problems need professional services. Here are common reasons your dryer isn’t heating and when to call a professional.

Faulty or Disconnected Power Sources

The obvious causes of dryer not heating often get overlooked. Open the breaker box, and ensure all breakers are pushed in the same direction, switch flipped breakers back in place, and test the dryer again. The power cord should be pushed firmly in the outlet and not be damaged and get your outlet voltage tested to see if it still has power going to it.

Drying Uneven Loads

Stuffing the dryer full of clothes can inhibit heat circulation resulting in uneven drying so reduce clothing loads. The larger items will still be wet while the smaller clothing dries. You aren’t saving energy by drying larger loads since the dry must work harder and it could shut off. The dryer should also be slightly away from the wall to allow heat circulation.

Damaged Parts

A thermal switch or fuse turns off as a safety feature to prevent the dryer from overheating. The heating element is the part that provides the machine heat for drying. Once the switch, fuse or heating element gets damaged, you cannot fix or reset it, so it needs replacing. Other parts that cause the dryer to not heat are defective timers and cycle switches.

Professional Repair

If you lack experience or tried the obvious and it still failed, get professional dryer repair in New Orleans. Contact Broussard Appliance Service at togetitdone.com and schedule a service call.

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