3 Common Reasons for Roof Replacement

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Roofing is a major aspect of every house. Just like any other part of the building, the roof is prone to wear and tear with age. To ensure its longevity and efficiency, regular maintenance and repairs are required. However, despite the care given to the roof, it reaches a time when Roof Replacement becomes inevitable. This is because the roof is the part of the building that is the most exposed to harsh weather conditions, degrading faster than other parts of the structure. Replacing the roof is not a daily undertaking, however, it should be done under the following circumstances:

Age of the roof

Owing to its exposure to weather elements, roofing undergoes wear and tear with time to the point when no amount of repair can restore its original status. It becomes relatively expensive to carry out repairs on an old roof owing to the frequent demands for doing so leading to the loss of a colossal sum of money. When this happens, it is important to replace it.

Home improvement

People like and admire houses with high aesthetic value. For this reason, those intending to rent out or sell their buildings prefer doing some home improvements, which will most of the time include replacing the roof. This helps the owner increase the market values of his or her home. It is lots easier to sell a good looking home with attractive roofing.

After a natural calamity

Unexpected disasters happen, and no one is ever in anticipation of disasters or natural calamities. Natural occurrences like typhoons and storms can cause massive destruction of properties within the affected areas. These unfortunate occurrences cause people to incur a great deal of expenses, especially if their buildings are not insured and replacing a roof can be a costly undertaking.

The final decision to replace your roof should be made after adequate soul searching, owing to the many underlying factors including the budget, time available and most importantly, an alternative accommodation, since the replacement might last longer than expected.

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