Types Of Solar Companies

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In Albany and Staten Island New York solar companies cater to a well-established market. It is also one that is expanding. In the past 7 years, the United States market for solar energy has begun to grow. In fact, it continues to beat the national economic growth pattern. In New York, the growth embraces solar energy related jobs such as financial and legal services. These are two different aspects of the types of solar companies around the globe.

Basic Types of Solar Companies
Several important sectors exist within the solar industry. They include the following three:

*   Equipment Manufacturers
*  Photovoltaic Production
*  Installation and Service Companies

Equipment Manufacturers
Solar companies of this type manufacture components, parts and other equipment for the solar producers. They may produce solar cells or films for covering solar panels. Solar equipment manufacturers may build solar cell specific power inverters. These solar companies provide the very tools and basic necessities that others in the solar industry require.

Photovoltaic Production
When it comes to Albany or Staten Island New York solar companies, these producers are the ones that come to mind. They manufacture the solar panels. Some divide their work according to their technology or approach. They can use

*  Silicon-based solar cells (monosilicon and polysilicon) – the more traditional method
*  “Thin Film” technologies – a newer approach that is less expensive if not as energy efficient as the traditional method

Installation and Service Solar Companies
The most common solar company individuals will encounter is the installer. These companies may also distribute and service the solar products. Installers may restrict themselves to large rooftop installations for utility companies, or for business or industrial structures. They may focus on residential installations. Companies may also choose to do both.
In most states, residences more than commercial enterprises are likely to install solar panels. This is true of Staten Island New York. Solar companies that install systems find themselves performing the service for more homes than businesses. This is characteristic of the industry throughout the United States. Businesses resist for several reasons. The major one tends to be slow return of their investment. Commercial enterprises tend to believe the cost recovery time is too lengthy to warrant the initial financial layout.
In Staten Island New York solar companies continue to grow. In spite of the lack of involvement by the business community in using it, solar energy will expand. It will persist in finding different means of decreasing the overall cost of installation. In doing so, it will be successful in winning over those who declare the return does not match the initial investment in a timely manner. If you are in Staten Island New York, Solar Companies can help solve your energy problem. Get in touch with Roof Diagnostics Solar. We can help.