Types of Home Addition Options

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If you have ever moved into a different home, one of the reasons you likely moved was to gain access to more space. Instead of moving, however, you can simply consider home addition as another option. If you do not have to relocate because of your job and you like most of the aspects your home provides including its location and your neighborhood, a home addition might be a better option. There are many different home addition options including small, simple projects or larger full scale construction projects. The best idea is to talk to a contractor or a construction company about your ideas so you can see the full scale of the options you have available given your finances and wants. Here are a few of the different types of home addition projects that homeowners are completing today.

Porches are outdoor living space that can add to the value of your home as well as the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your house. These informal living spaces can give you extra room for entertainment and a shady place to relax, read, and enjoy your neighborhoods. Porches can be built on the front, side, or even the rear of the house.

Sunrooms are very similar to porches, but they are fully enclosed. They allow in plenty of light, but protect the homeowners from the elements. Some sunrooms have windows from the top to the bottom while others have screens to let in the air, but keep out the bugs. Sunrooms often allow the homeowner to have extra indoor living space with plenty of outdoor views. They are bonus rooms that allow for entertainment and relaxation options.

Decks are usually elevated outdoor spaces that are made from vinyl or wood materials. They are sometimes used as dining spaces and they often house the barbecue grill or an outdoor kitchen of some kind. Decks can have stairs that lead to the backyard and they can be a great place to entertain guests or enjoy time with family members.

Bump-outs are added space to the interior of the home simply by increasing the dimensions of that room and the house as a whole. These rooms give interesting design elements to the home and they can give that special room the extra space it needs to be more functional for a family.

Single Rooms
Adding just one room to a house is a great idea if you need a garage, a bedroom, a mudroom or any other type of room to help your home have more comfort or storage.

An entire wing is an addition that includes more than just one room. You might build an in-law suite, an adjacent apartment, or another group of rooms.

These are just a few of the options you have in terms of home addition elements. Once you know what you want, contact R.E. Kuba Construction Inc for help.