Taking Advantage of Plumbing Service in Palmyra, Virginia

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

You may never be sure when you will have problems with your drains, or issues with sump pumps, but you can be sure when you do, you will need to call on the services of a plumber. If you are in the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is a Plumbing Service in Palmyra that is available for all your plumbing needs. They want to tell you about some common plumbing problems and what the fix is for them.

1. You may find that you are experiencing low water pressure, commonly this would be the sink faucet. You would want to check the aerator if both the hot and cold water are having low pressure issues. Calcium deposits build up inside the aerator; therefore, it will need to be taken off and cleaned out.

2. A second plumbing problem would be a sink that drains slowly. It could be something as simple as the pop up being clogged up with hair and/or other debris, which you can easily remove and clean.

3. Another problem might be a tub that drains slowly. Again, this could be an issue of hair or other debris clogging it up and the trash would need to be removed.

4. The all-familiar constantly running toilet is another plumbing issue had by many. Many things could be causing your toilet to continuously run. You will need to troubleshoot, and see if it is a part that you can replace.

5. One other problem that runs high on the list of plumbing problems are the jammed garbage disposal. There is no telling what people put into the disposal that they shouldn’t, but you can take care of this problem with an allen wrench usually.

Various issues can cause plumbing problems for you, but when the woes become too much for you, you need to call a plumber. Fitch Services does heating, plumbing, electric and cooling in the Central Virginia area, and has been doing so for over thirty years. To take advantage of Plumbing Service in Palmyra, Virginia, you can call on them to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Visit and browse the website, , to find out more about the Plumbing Service by Fitch Services in Palmyra, Virginia.

Plumbing Service by Fitch Services in Palmyra, Virginia

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