Stamped Concrete: Better Than the Real Thing

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Trends in texture and color of poured concrete are allowing homeowners to add personal touches to the exteriors of their homes affordably and sustainably. In Oklahoma City, developers and homeowners are increasingly using stamped concrete in decorating indoor and outdoor structures.

Years ago, stamped concrete involved pouring slab concrete and then stamping the setting concrete with a fixed pattern. Today, stamping techniques and textures have been updated considerably. New forms of stamped concrete in Oklahoma City include realistic patterns that duplicate traditional walkway and patio materials, such as cobblestones, brick, pavers, and even wood. These patterns are further duplicated by the ability to dye or stain the stamped concrete, resulting in realistic-looking but highly durable patterns.

Cobblestones, brick, flagstone, and pavers form a surface from a multitude of interlocking pieces. Because of this, the surface that they create is susceptible to freezing and thawing damage and other changes to the surface and the integrity of the surface. Concrete can be poured and reinforced with steel rods, allowing for increased durability and strength of the surface. With innovative stamping and colorizing techniques, stamped concrete provides the stability of concrete with the beauty of traditional surface materials, such as cobblestones and pavers.

Oklahoma City yard maintenance is like any other yard maintenance: irritating when things go wrong and almost always time consuming. Not only is stamped concrete stronger than bricks, cobblestones or pavers, it also requires less maintenance. A well-poured, stamped concrete slab contains no cracks or holes that small weeds and grasses can implant themselves in, resulting in painstaking maintenance later on down the line.

As tempting as it may sound, laying, staining, and stamping your own concrete as a home project is not recommended. Laying concrete itself generally requires professional attention and workmanship. Adding aesthetic features to the concrete slab requires precision, timeliness, and expert knowledge of concrete stains, finishes, and other features that are unique to concrete. Additionally, depending on the size of the job, large crews may be required to lay a concrete surface. The larger the slab, the more difficult it is to precisely stamp, stain, or dye the concrete. Spare yourself the time, hassle, and frustration, as well as the potential added expense of a failed do-it-yourself project and hire seasoned professionals for your stamped concrete project in Oklahoma City.


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