Simple tips to keep your marble safe, clean, and glistening

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One of nature’s most remarkable gifts to mankind is the different colors, qualities, and compositions of limestone materials also called marbles. We are not referring to the small ones used by children for trading, playing, and collecting; but those marbles that are used for flooring, headstones, and almost any ornamental structures. They are very soft in texture, but very beautiful when treated and sculpted appropriately. And since this material is soft and not that durable albeit very attractive in its physical attributes, it tends to wear off and gets scratched easily. That’s why if you have a house or office that was build using marble materials,  it’s best to consult and get in touch a company that specializes in marble cleaning and maintenance in Portland, OR. Now before you request for an appointment with a commercial cleaner, you are follow some simple tips to keep your marbles in good shape.

When you clean them, try using a soft cloth. It’s best to use one with microfibers so as not to scratch the delicate surface. If you just want to strip away dirt on the surface, then it’s best to just ditch your industrial strength cleaning agents. A soft cloth and warm clear, distilled water will do just fine. There is no need to air-dry the material, because you’ll just risk leaving unsightly water spots to it. The most typical homeowner will tell you that daily dust mopping will keep the gloss of the material for years and years.

And if you can help yourself from using a dash of mild detergent, be sure to rinse the mixture off very well. Try not to leave traces of detergent on the marble’s surface. Remember that you’re dealing with a very delicate material, so wash them thoroughly.

Now during parties, if one of your guests happens to spill fizzy drinks, juice, wine, and just about anything acidic, to your marble floors, mop them off immediately. This is also advisable even for your marbled countertops; they shouldn’t get in touch with vinegar and other acidic liquids because since they come from limestone; prolonged exposure to these substances may affect their shine and quality. Those mentioned are easy steps to take; but if you just can’t deal with the cleaning and maintenance all by yourself, then ask a professional to do so. There are cleaning companies that offer services such as marble cleaning in Portland, OR. These companies have highly trained and competent people to do the job right. Not only that, they also have the right equipment to facilitate the cleaning process. You can also save on the costs of cleaning materials as these commercial cleaners generally use their own materials and cleaning supplies. You may even opt to request for environment-friendly products if you’re the type who’s against the use of toxic and harmful chemicals.

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