Important things you need to know about HVAC systems

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Air conditioning provides a cooler air in the indoors during the summer months and keeps the indoors warmer during the winter. Air ventilation is achieved through mechanical ventilation in HVAC. HVAC is a separate industry by itself and offers products complying with latest standards. Many manufacturers are striving to make HVAC systems energy efficient and wallet friendly as well. HVAC suppliers in Fort Oglethorpe GA offer products from various manufacturers to cater to the needs of their customers. They serve commercial and residential customers.

In HVAC, the system takes air from the outside, and passes it through the air filter prior to air conditioning. The air filter prevents the dust and other microscopic particles from entering the indoor. HVAC system, as a whole, requires constant maintenance in order to produce clean air and to enjoy the system for a long time. Without maintenance, the system will spew the dust and allergens indoors. It will also reduce the life of the system. HVAC companies in Fort Oglethorpe GA would normally suggest regular maintenance to avoid early replacement.

Selection of HVAC

HVAC should be selected based on the condition of home or business customer’s area that needs to be heated or cooled. Size is an important factor which determines effective cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Many HVAC manufacturers are offering quiet and energy-efficient systems. Depending on features, size, fuel efficiency and additional modules, the price varies. It is advised to select more than 90% AFUE for furnaces and 15 SEER for air conditioning. Energy star rated products can save on energy bills. Other features to consider are multi-level operation and variable-speed motors.

Selecting HVAC service provider

Proper installation makes a huge difference in energy bills, air conditioning and heating. Insulation and ductwork are also important factors to consider. For new homes, there are not so many problems that you can expect. Replacing an old system would impose more restrictions. Major changes in the aesthetics may be required. Improper configuration of the HVAC may lead to improper heating and cooling. Product dealers and HVAC service providers in Fort Oglethorpe GA can guide you through the new installation and replacement process.

Ideally, HVAC service providers should be certified and insured technicians. Before approaching a service provider, do your homework to know more about their services. Local dealers should be the first choice. HVAC service providers in Fort Oglethorpe GA can be referred by your trusted friends and relatives. You can also get their BBB ratings. After selecting contractors, get an estimate from two or three contractors. They evaluate and provide suggestions based on ductwork, thermostats, dampers, grilles and other accessories. They also determine the capacity based on room size and will be able to suggest the configuration based on their evaluation. After installation, they tune the settings to provide an optimal setting. They will also test for leaks and lack of insulation. Based on their recommendations, further work should be carried out in order to make the system work efficiently and without any loss of energy. Regular maintenance is strongly recommended by manufacturers. Regular maintenance includes changing the filter, cleaning the ducts, repair leaks in duct and scheduled annual maintenance.

HVAC Fort Oglethorpe GA dealers and service providers can help in the proper installation and configuration of your HVAC system. Find reputable service providers by visiting Air Heat.