Discover What a Down spout is and How it Can Protect Your Home

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Roofing

People often have a lot of questions when it comes time to repair or replace the gutter. For instance, they may want to know the best material for reliable gutters or what is down spout? The former question can be a little difficult to answer because most modern gutters are very durable and have been designed to avoid the weaknesses inherent in the materials they use. The latter option is easy and extremely important.

The down spout is the long piece of gutter pipe that connects to the gutter tray and channels the water to the ground. The reason that this is so necessary is that improperly channelled water can wash away important areas of soil that might be supporting the foundation or your favourite roses. If this happens, then the foundation could crack or cause the home to warp and have all kinds of problems.

People often think that guttering is a decorative feature of the building, but gutters serve some important purposes. For instance, the trench or gutter itself is used to collect water that sheds off the roof. This water is then drained to the down spouts where it can be channelled away from the home. Catching water in this fashion will keep most of the rain from ruining siding or trim.

Selecting the size, type and material for replacement gutters may depend on the type of home you have. Older historical homes will prefer the copper gutters for the unique look which they provide. Copper is a strong metal that is easily fashioned. As a benefit, copper turns a unique shade of green as it oxidizes in the weather.

Some people prefer the standard aluminium gutters because they are quite affordable. The primary problem with aluminium gutters, they tear fairly easily. If a large branch damages the guttering, the kinks in the metal might block drainage. Vinyl has similar problems, but both vinyl and aluminium gutters are fairly easy to repair.

One more thing to think about is a gutter screen. A quality screen should help keep a lot of debris out of the gutter tray. For those folks who still aren’t sure what is down spout, it’s the worst part of the gutters when it comes to removing the leaves and debris that have clogged the system.

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