Cockroach, Spider, and Fruit Fly Remedies the Actually Work

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Bugs like spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, and fruit flies are a reality of life. You may not realize that they offer some real benefits to the world, but they actually do—if they are in their natural habitat. If they are in your restaurant or home, however, all they offer is aggravation and damage. This means that you need to manage, control, and prevent these infestations as quickly and effectively as possible. There are many cockroach, spider, and fruit fly remedies around, each of which has varying degrees of effectiveness.

Some people like to put out bait or glue that catches the pests when they pass by or poison them if they eat some of the chemical. Others are much bigger fans of sprays that kill off the bugs on impact and then add a level of prevention by dissuading other bugs from crossing the path of the sprays.

Still others swear by the little devices that plug into the wall and create a sound that is supposed to ward off pests and kill them if they get too close. These devices, though they aren’t supposed to be audible by people, can be heard by some people and can get incredibly frustrating. Not to mention they have only arguable effectiveness.

People that want to avoid using chemicals will sometimes resort to using bowls of apple cider vinegar that are said to draw in the fruit flies and drown them. Again, the usefulness of such a technique is debatable.

Are there actually effective fruit fly remedies, however? Yes!

Vapor technology uses a slow releasing chemical from a strip placed around areas as big as 200 cubic feet. This odorless, silent, invisible vapor penetrates deeply into all of the cracks and crevices of the area so that it can access not just the bugs that come out into the open, but the nesting and hiding population as well. This means that you aren’t just going to kill off the bugs that wander out, but all of them so the infestation doesn’t continue. Within 24 hours all of the bugs will have been infected, their nervous systems damaged, and will die. The vapor continues to prevent further infestations for up to four months.

Two decades in the restaurant industry gave the people at Fruit Fly Bar Pro their share of experience with pests and control attempts. As a result they decided that they were going to do something about it themselves and create a method that would kill and prevent pests without the expensive, messy, and unpleasant methods they were used to trying. Now they offer their fly strips to the public so that anyone can take care of a pest problem without the hassle.